The Process is the Journey

To enjoy a moment in front of the easel is an art in itself


I was born in a little village in Norway, outside Oslo, some years after World War II. After drawing and painting from young age, family and a long career in the world of computers from the '70s, made me put my brushes in a drawer until 2000. After I retired, painting have finally been the life I have been searching for. So far, my journey has brought me to exhibitions in Norway, France, China, Austria, and Italy, and I have also been given several Awards.

To visualize the unknown and the indefinite in nature is my quest. To give the feeling of movement and constant change we are living in as a part of the Universe. I want to lead you in a journey into eternity by forms, lines and colours.

After living a few years in France, I moved back to Norway and is now living in Byglandsfjord, the entrance to one of the most beautiful and enchanting valleys in Norway, Setesdal.

Besides painting for myself, I work to show and coach painting as a therapy and a road to self-expression.

Behind the paintings

We all need to express ourselves, and to be understood and accepted, but most important for me may be to illustrate my believes and feelings through my paintings. The humble gratitude I feel when I meet people who "walks into my paintings" and want to stay there, is the ultimate reward for my works.

The main story is to show that we belong; where we are, and that we are a part of nature, and that the nature we can see, smell, feel, and listen to, is a part of a vast universe.

Every painting starts out with an idea from an experience, or photos from that same experiene. Under way and in time, an abstraction is born and in between forms and colors our fantasy gets triggered by details that suggests or shows nature-like shapes. Of course, that is not only happening for me, but I love to be in that process wether the resulting painting is "understood" or not. The process is the journey and that is why I say: "To enjoy a moment in front of the easel is an art in itself."